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Why Build App in Malaysia?

Admin Mar 16,2020

Compare to countries like America, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia’s App market is still in infant stage.  There are not much app in Malaysia’s App market in all industries! 

Don’t believe it? 

Just tap into your Playstore or Apple App store.  Try search using popular keywords like

-          Teksi

-          Sewa Rumah

-          Pulau Redang

-          Penang or Melaka Hotel

-          Musang King

-          Nasi Lemak

-          Umrah

These are all very high daily search volume keywords and you will be surprised there are not much apps appear as search results. 

You will never find this kind of “free traffic, no competition” keywords scenario in China, America, India, Australia, UK, Singapore etc. 

You should also try key-in any keyword you may think it’s popular in Malaysia in App stores.  Look at them and see for yourself are there any offering of good apps related to what you are searching.

In many instances, you will find there isn’t!  If you have an app, let us guide you with App Store Optimization (ASO) and very likely your app will attract organic traffic easily due to the fact – limited competition. 

Facebook, SEO, Adwords, youtube, instagram marketing are getting more expansive in Malaysia.  Every digital marketing agent is doing basically the same thing and there are huge competition from within Malaysia and oversea companies.  SME, start-up should invest some money creating own mobile application and perform ASO with us for a small fee.  Marketing in mobile App store is one of the most underrated marketing channels in Malaysia.   

Only catch is you must have an mobile app (which is inexpansive nowadays) to start tapping on this untapped market.